Ta Mok House in Southwest Zone

Ta Mok's Takeo House

By MMC Editorial

A former house belonged to Ta Mok, a military commander and secretary of Communist Party of Kampuchea in Southwest Zone, now a private university branch in Takeo Province. (MMC/AUN Chhengpor)

Chhit Choeun, alias Ta Mok, was commander of the Southwest Zone and owned a house on approximately one hectare in Takeo province. It was located in Rorka Krav commune, Daun Keo provincial town of Takeo. Since 2012, it was turned into a branch of the private university called Build Bright University (BBU). The concrete mansion initially had three floors and a roof was added to make room for one more floor. The main Ta Mok mansion stood in a peninsula surrounded by a large lake overlooking the Takeo provincial town. A new building was built to facilitate the campus. The bridge connecting his land plot to the main road was believed to be built in 1960. Before BBU took over the site, it served as a police training school.

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