The Olympic Stadium

Olympic Stadium

By MMC Editorial

The National Sports Complex, known as Olympic Stadium, was constructed in 1964. Initially, the aim was to use the stadium to host the Southeast Asian Games. That plan was canceled for political reasons at that time. In the present day, this stadium is a public place for sports activities for Phnom Penh residents, for athletic training, as well as for big celebrations given its capacity to hold up to 70,000 spectators in its outdoor facilities.

The Khmer Rouge used Olympic Stadium also for celebrations such as the Communist Party of Kampuchea Congress, the Party’s anniversary, as seen in the photo and video archive obtained by the Documentation Center of Cambodia.

According to the testimony from a former Khmer Rouge soldier (2-TCW-900) to the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia, Olympic Stadium was also the headquarters of Division 14, which later on was changed to Division 801 in late 1975. (Division 14 protected Phnom Penh area from the railway station to the Pochentong Airport area. Division 801 later was sent to Ratanakiri province to protect along the Vietnamese border).

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