“Sngoun Pich Pagoda” A Security Center of Ang Snuol District

Wat Snguon Pich Pagoda

By Sopheaneath Pheng

Sngoun Pich pagoda, located in Konthok commune, Ang Snoul district, Kandal province was a the security center during the Khmer Rouge regime. In 1976, the Khmer Rouge established the security center and brought people to the prison from all communes within this district, according to the 2010, second quarter issue of Searching for the Truth magazine published by the Documentation Center of Cambodia.
In “Day of Remembrance: Wat Sngoun Pich Memorial”, Pheng Pongrasy wrote that the prisoners included evacuees who were accused of being “White Khmer”, CIA, KGB, former old society officers, and “base people” who were accused of disobeying Angkar’s regulations and did not serve the revolution well. There were also Chinese and Cham ethnic minorities.

In 2010, a memorial was built within the compound of this pagoda in order to remember the suffering during the regime and to show respect to the people who died during the Khmer Rouge regime.

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