Anlong Veng

Anlong Veng Roundabout

By MMC Editorial

Anlong Veng was also known as the final stronghold of Khmer Rouge soldiers before its integration in 1998. (MMC/NGOV Chihor)

The bitter history of the Khmer Rouge ended in the Anlong Veng district, Oddar Meanchey Province when the last Khmer Rouge troops reintegrated into the Cambodian government in early 1999. Ta Mok, the Khmer Rouge warlord in the area, admitted defeat to the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces in late 1998 after struggling for many years, including a struggle for a peace deal.

Unlike the Democratic Kampuchea government when many people were forced to work doing heavy labor and with very little food, the people of the Anlong Veng district received sufficient supplies from Ta Mok. He led many projects such as the hospital, school, bridge, and dam. Many people in this area have much respect for Ta Mok.

These historical events make Anlong Veng region an interesting place for researchers and historians to study further about Khmer Rouge history.

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